Have you heard of Senegence Lipsense ? All day lip color that doesn’t budge, smudge or kiss off and can last anywhere from 4-18 hrs ! Goes on and stays on all day.  Not a new product, it may just be new to you. LipSense is a long lasting liquid lip color, not a stain or lipstick. Available in a variety of colors that can be mixed. Although we never recommend using more than 3 total layers .

Made with food grade alcohol that does give a little tingle for first time users.

Made in the USA with local and imported ingredients

Formulated with NO Animal By-Products and no animal testing

For best results, LipSense® products must be applied to clean, dry lips. LipSense® needs to be shaken before applying. You should be able to hear the ball clicking against the container. Apply using a layering technique. I always tell customers , think of it like painting your fingernails. Thin layers going in one direction, like a sweeping motion. Let them dry for 5-10 seconds between layers , keep your lips from touching until the very end. Once you have your layers on , apply gloss liberally and then rub lips together. If they feel sticky like super glue then you missed a spot and need to add more gloss. Gloss should be reapplied before each meal or if lips feel dry. Do not reapply gloss more than once every 2 hours. Once you get the hang of this, it is by far the easiest product to apply. I have been wearing it for 6 years now and never have to reapply my gloss during the day. You will learn how to mix your colors and make them last as long as I have. There are plenty of application videos online if you need to goole such. Most of our customers have been wearing lipsense for years.