UPDATE 10-12 ……WE SOLD OUT this am but we were able to move some orders around and restock restock all sizes this  FRIDAY !!!!! So if you order now , just be sure to wait for your confirmation to pick up before heading to the store.

Corkys Kayak Small Black Leopard Print ….They finally arrived ! Like all Corkys , I LOVE these. Washable slip on shoes with a comfortable insole that is easily removed so you can throw these in the wash and make them look like over and over again. Whole sizes only. Half size customers should see down unless you have a wide foot. It is perfectly normal for your toes to go all the way to the end of the shoe. This is not uncomfortable and it won’t rip the shoe. Like all Corkys, these do stretch and rather quickly too, due to the light weight canvas material and soft foam in sole. If you have a wide foot then round up.