Corkys Carley EXCLUSIVE Limited edition canvas…..This is for the top 1% of businesses that sell Corkys nationally.. These are NOT the same colors as the Limited editions that were released the second week in March to the first 100 or so buyers. The light pink is very close in color so if you did get a light pink in the limited edition I wouldn’t try to grab an EXCLUSIVE limited edition light pink. The others colors aren’t even close to what they previously released.

So for those that know me, you know I tell it like it is. I hope you read this. We have sold hundreds of KAVU canvas rope bags over the last 9 years. White is not an easy color to keep clean. The trick is to spray your canvas with Scotch guard ( or a waterproofing material spray )before you wear them. BUT you don’t want to spray the EVA foam and you don’t want to put tape on the foam. SO my suggestion is this…..use painters tape and cut out a shoe shape to place over the EVA foam on top and on its side. place the tape on the plastic to make it tight. Think of it as cinching your plastic. Then lightly spray the Scotch guard 12-15 inches away from the shoe. Let it dry for one hour and reapply a second coat. DO NOT let it appear wet. Scotch guard works best when lightly sprayed in thin layers. If anyone wants to buy Scotch Guard and have me do your shoes for you I will. Drop them off at the shop and I will have them done in 24hrs-48hrs. I may actually go ahead and Scotch guard all the white ones anyway. Why did I even bother telling you any of this…bc some of you may to find your size under my page and you’ll go order them from another boutique. I don’t want you to throw out your shoes or get mad when they get dirty and don’t come clean. I am NOT like any boutique. I care about the products I sell and I care about (most) of the people I sell too. A few of you can be a pain in the arsenal like the ones that jump on Amazon bc you are impatient and dont trust buying from our website but….. such is life and that’s me telling you like it is. Cheers.